Algunos de los phrasal verbs más comunes

Algunos de los phrasal verbs más comunes

By Jesús Martín Tévar

Si quieres hablar inglés como un nativo, debes aprender muchos phrasal verbs. Son un componente ineludible del inglés que mejorará tus habilidades comunicativas. En este artículo, te invitamos a descubrir nuestra lista con algunos de los phrasal verbs más utilizados en inglés.

Call off / Call (something) off – to cancel

Ex. We need to call off the meeting due to the weather.

Ex. We need to call the meeting off because it is going to rain.

Calm down – relax after being angry

Ex. You can sit with us after you have calmed down.

Catch up – get to the same point as another person.

Ex. After my week of vacation, it’s going to take me forever to catch up!

Do over / Do (something) over – do again

Ex. I have to do the e-mail over because I sent it to the wrong person.

Eat out – eat at a restaurant

Ex. Let’s make spaghetti tonight, I’m tired of eating out.

Figure out / Figure (something) out – understand or find the answer

Ex. We left early because we figured out the problem.

Ex. We figured the problem out, so we left early.

Give up / Give (something) up – stop trying, quit

Ex. I gave up smoking last year.

Go over (something) review

Ex. Go over your receipt to make sure they charged you correctly.

Hang out – spend time relaxing (informal)

Ex. I don’t have any money, let’s just hang out at my place.

Hold on – wait for a moment

Ex. Hold on one minute, I’m on the phone.

Keep on (doing something) continue what you are doing

Ex. I asked her to wait, but she kept on walking.

Look for / Look for (something or somebody) search for, or try to find

Ex. I was looking for a computer, but I got a tablet instead.

Pass out – faint, lose consciousness

Ex. It is so hot today I might pass out.

Put off / Put (something) off – postpone

Ex. I think we should put the trip off until we save more money.

Put on / Put (something) on – put clothing or accessories on your body

Ex. He looked so silly when he put that hat on.

Throw away / Throw (something) away – put in the garbage, dispose of

Ex. I accidentally threw away my dessert!

Turn on/off – Turn (something) on/off – start or stop the power or energy source

Ex. Can you turn off the music if I fall asleep?

Ex. Turn the lights on please, I can’t see!

Turn up/down – Turn (something) up/down – increase or decrease the volume or strength

Ex. I love this song, turn it up!

Ex. We usually turn the heat down at night.

Turn up – appear suddenly

Ex. My watch turned up in the washing machine.

Turn down / Turn (something) down - refuse

Ex. I didn’t feel good about the offer, so I turned it down.

Wake up – stop sleeping

Ex. She was so loud, that she woke up the baby.

Work out – exercise

Ex. I prefer to work out in the mornings.

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